Dear everyone who still makes “emblem2” jokes

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do you think at the beginning of the tour wes and keats would just lay in their adjacent bunks at night trying to go to sleep until one of them whispered “i miss drew” voicing what both of them were thinking but didn’t want to say out loud

well that tore my heart out

that hurt 

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Anonymous asked:  Panic! At the Disco????

I’ve been getting a lot of anon’s tonight haha who are you wonderful peopleeee 

Funny story, so I saw a lot about them on my dash, and I like desperately wanted to like them, so I downloaded their newest album (i think) and I was like ok I’m going to sit down and listen to it. But no, I’ve actually never listened to the album even though I still want to. 

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Anonymous asked:  Fall out boy

am I a fan?: okay haha yes and no. i like their music but i know nothing about the band whatsoever 

favorite song: the phoenix & save rock and roll

favorite album: idk 

favorite member: idkkkk

seen live?: nooo 

unpopular opinion: haha nothing 

band rate: 7/10, they’re so sickk

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Hi Keaton

can I get yo numba ?

Anonymous asked:  paramore! (i love your blog btw)

thank you <3 :)

am I a fan?: not really haha i mean they’re incredible but i don’t really follow them or listen to them other than when they’re on the radio

favorite song: the only exception and that’s what you get (i still love those songs omg)

favorite album: idkk

favorite member: i do not know

seen live?: nope 

unpopular opinion: nothing :)

band rate: 5/10 idk it’s really not even fair for me to rate them

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themessthatisajess asked:  5 Seconds of Summer?

am I a fan?: omg yes i love them so much

favorite song: try hard and out of my limit 

favorite album: i’m obsessed with their album but i loved their ep’s 

favorite member: calum

seen live?: yes:) and I see them again in 10 days :D

unpopular opinion: nothing they are completely perfect omg

band rate: again, i can’t even rate them. my love for them is off the scale

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Anonymous asked:  Emblem3

am I a fan?: yes i am a fan of the life ruiners 

favorite song: tequila sunrise

favorite album: songs from the couch ya

favorite member: keatonnnnnn

seen live?: yayaya 4 times now

unpopular opinion: still devastated about drew leaving but whatever 

band rate: i can’t even rate them, they’re just absolutely perfect

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I believe this is the best photo I took today no doubt

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pls send me bands

am I a fan?:

favorite song:

favorite album:

favorite member:

seen live?:

unpopular opinion:

band rate:

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